Open Wonderment Unfolds

Touch me with tempting awaiting.
unfolds touch me with tempting a waiting.
Longing to connect with lips unseen of lovers’ passionate joy.
Eyes own the vision of sight but the soul seeks to emerge in the anticipation of mounting lips to the mouth of imaginations well of thirsty fulfillment.

Gracious Intervener

Intervener gift to my soul gently strides make me strive for greatness you pull was tucked deep inside to the outside gracious intervener.

Sequins and Sparkle

I am sequin and sparkle like glitter I shine.
I am elegant and can be flashy.
I stand out and light up both just the same.
I am glitter and sparkle when everything is dimly lit.
A vision from the distance that is me.
I am the sparkle and glitter of life with the brightest shine.
I have been tested by the tough tugs of life like sequin my soul had shedded some of my shine.
Lost some glitter from my shine but I still sparkle and still my happy appears brighter.
Twinkling dancing through what was once rough still shining brightly just the same.
I shine and light up spaces that are dark.
I am sequins and sparkle shining bright like the gleam in your eye.

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