Life is like shiny sequins, sometimes flashy, but most times, you lose some pieces. Like the fabric, when you rub the pattern of sequin in one direction against the grain, it may be rough; in the other direction, it will be smooth; such is my metaphor for my life. Like the fabric of life, despite a few tugs that leave a space or two without sequins.

I will maintain and shine just the same. My life has been a purposeful journey to birth this book of poetry. It was a part of fulfilling my purpose to inspire through words. We all have our audience to reach and have something to contribute to this world through our experiences.

I grew up reading doctor Wayne W. Dyer’s books from the first to the last. The impact of his words were jewels that made my life challenges or lessons much for my spiritual growth.

I hope these simple poems ordered from A-Z will reveal some positive revelations I’ve found to help me on my journey to life. Just pick a problem and open the book to any poem you will have a new perspective on any situation; if you like to just sit back and enjoy from the beginning to end. Things will happen in life. The most important thing to remember is you are love, remain whole, and keep shining your light. Therefore, I present poetry from the spirit entitled Sequin Soul.

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