I wrote these poems from my soul to help someone on the journey they may be walking.
Life is like shiny sequins, sometimes flashy, but most times, you lose some pieces. Like the fabric, when you rub the pattern of sequin in one direction against the grain, it may be rough; in the other direction, it will be smooth; such is my metaphor for my life. Like the fabric of life, despite a few tugs that leave a space or two without sequins.


I love the title and what it means to the author. My favorite poem is “Dear Brooklyn.”

Theresa, Amazon customer

5 Stars

This is such a unique and beautiful collection of poems. When I read Ketriana’s words, they reach down and light up parts of my own soul, in chambers I had forgotten about. Her work is raw, yet covered in sparkles! Keep shining.

sumerlee, Amazon customer

5 Stars

The collection of poems takes us on a spiritual journey.

Amazon customer

5 Stars

A book of joy and wonder is full of jewels and small treasures.
Sequin Soul makes you stop think.
To appreciate the every day visions, treasures and miracles in your life.A must read book for lover’s of poetry and those with a seekers heart.

J, Primus

5 Stars

This collection of poetry takes you on a familiar journey. A comforting reminder of your life’s journey and the blessings bestowed upon you.


5 Stars

Sequin Soul’s poetry truly touched the soul. Ms. Yvonne’s writings were truthfully from the heart. I enjoyed traveling in her life’s journey through poems.

Phyllis Roker

5 Stars

I enjoyed the poetry immensely! Ketriana bares her soul through her literary genius as she takes you through life situations and inspires you to dream!

Valerie Nero-Reid

5 Stars

While reading this book of excellent poetry as said I look back on life’s journey and can see the sequin’s of this work on a persons soul, Great,

rickie james

5 Stars

I wrote this book and I find myself using it as a reference as intended to improve the mindset when consulting others on issues.

Ketriana Yvonne

5 Stars


Ketriana Yvonne is a poet, Brooklyn Free Speech host, and producer of the “Ketriana Yvonne Show”. She won the B Free First Amendment Award for a segment Poetry for Change.

A native of Brooklyn, New York, Ketriana is a New York Writers Coalition Workshop Leader and Community County Committee Member for 57 Assembly 44 Election District.

She writes as Spirit writer and is known for her heart invoking, uplifting and inspiring poetry that transforms the spirit.

Ketriana Yvonne by Our Streets, Our Stories

Interview with Ketriana Yvonne, Author of poetry collection, Sequin So


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